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5A05 Aluminum Coil

Aluminum Coil

  • Thickness: 0.5mm-6mm
  • Width: Under 2250mm
  • Length:Under 11000mm(11m) or by coil

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Product Description

Since the 5A05 aluminium coil also belongs to 5000 series alloy, 5A05 aluminum coil is Al-Mg aluminum alloy. Its main characteristics are low density, high tensile strength and high elongation. The weight of aluminum-magnesium alloy is lower than other series under the same area. But the machinability of 5A05 aluminum is relatively poor. If you want to process it without deformation, you can choose the 5052 aluminium coil, 5083 aluminum coil, 5A06 aluminum coil etc.

Technical Parameter

Product Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm)
5A05 Aluminum Coil F,O,H12,H14,






0.5-6 Under 2250 Under 11000mm(11m) or by coil


It’s mainly used for low load parts that require high plasticity and good weldabilities, such as fuel tanks (because they weigh less than other series aluminium alloys in the same area, it can also be used for aircraft fuel tanks), gasoline or lubricating oil pipes, various liquid containers and other small load parts made by deep drawing. In some countries, similar alloys of 5A05 aluminum coil (such as 5456) are used to make armour plates and high-strength structural parts, storage tanks, pressure vessels, and marine components.

Shipping & Packaging

  1. To ensure that the surface of the 5A05 aluminum coil is intact without scratches, we will clamp paper and cover film on the 5A05 aluminum coil;
  2. The plastic or kraft paper package is used for moisture-proof and rain proof to ensure that the 5A05 aluminum coil is clean and free from dirt during transportation
  3. Export products are all packaged in wooden cases and brackets marked with fumigation;

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