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Marine Grade Aluminium Plate

Aluminum Sheet

  • Thickness: 1.0mm-30mm
  • Width: Under 2250mm
  • Length:Under 11000mm(11m) or by coil

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Product Description

Marine grade aluminum plates are mainly 5xxx aluminum alloy and it’s Henan Lomi’s advantage product. We can guarantee the fastest delivery time. The 5083, 5086 and 5052 aluminum sheet/plate can be used for the side and bottom of the ships. The excellent corrosion resistance of 5 series alloy can better resist the erosion of sea water and extend the life of the ship. We have a long relationship with many shipyards. We passed certifications like DNV and CCS etc.

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Technical Parameter

Product Alloy Series DC or CC Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm)
Marine Grade Aluminum Plate 5083 5086 5052 3003 DC H116 H321 H112 O/H111 1.0-30 Under 2250 Under 11000mm(11m) or by coil


Marine grade aluminum plate is a typical Al-Mg-Si alloy. The underwater part of the hull, especially in the sea water, must be able to resist the corrosion of seawater. The most commonly used ones are 5083-H116 and 5083-H321 aluminum sheets.

The keel is a longitudinal member connecting the bow post and the stern post in the center of the base of the hull. 5083 aluminum sheet is the common choice.

5083 aluminum plate is mainly used in the deck, engine pedestal, side of the ship, and the outer plate of the bottom of the ship.

5083-H116 aluminum sheet is also used in transportation field, such as automobile and aircraft fuel tank, etc.

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Shipping & Packaging

  1. To ensure that the surface of the Marine grade aluminum plates is intact without scratches, we will clamp paper and cover film on the Marine grade aluminum plates;
  2. The plastic or kraft paper package is used for moisture-proof and rain proof to ensure that the Marine grade aluminum plates is clean and free from dirt during transportation
  3. Export products are all packaged in wooden cases and brackets marked with fumigation;

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